Thursday, July 29, 2010

SEMO Craft Beer Links Update

Be sure to check out the improvements to the "Links" section on the SEMO Craft Beer Page. I have categorized all of the links and added significantly more content. The new sections include SEMO Craft Beer News, SEMO Craft Breweries, SEMO Craft Beer Retailers, SEMO Restaurants, SEMO Homebrewing, Craft Beer News, Craft Beer & Food, Craft Beer Events, and SEMO Distributed Breweries.

There are a lot of cool links here that should help make SEMO Craft Beer your portal to all things Craft Beer in Southeast Missouri and around the country. You will notice the SEMO Distributed Breweries section contains an extensive list of breweries who distribute to retailers in our area. This list is not all inclusive, and if anyone sees any other breweries available here in SEMO please feel free to let me know via a blog comment or Facebook post.

In the upcoming days and weeks, look for an additional SEMO Winery section listing SEMO Wineries who serve Craft Beer on site, a SEMO Craft Beer Events section with links to websites for reocurring SEMO Events involving Craft Beer, and for additional links to be added within all the existing sections.

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