Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SEMO Craft Beer

Welcome to SEMO Craft Beer and Post #1! This blog is a place for Southeast Missourian's to come to explore SEMO Craft Beer. In the days and weeks to come this blog will include weekly updates on local craft beer offerings, new realeases, craft beer events, and homebrewing events and information for the Southeast Missouri Area.

I hope this site can act as a tool in promoting Craft Beer culture in the area. We have great opportunities here to expand our retail and dining offerings and spread the word to our friends, families, and neighbors as to what Craft Beer can be. Who knows, maybe another local brewery will fire up a new kettle or a local winery will decide to offer local craft beer along side their wines after seeing how much Craft Beer Support really exists in Southeast Missouri. Maybe one of these days we will be able to order a Belgian Dubbel, German Hefeweizen, Russian Imperial Stout, or Double IPA at a variety of local eateries.

The Craft Beer movement is changing the way this country eats, drinks, and socializes. Let's help bring the revolution to Southeast Missouri.


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  1. Having sampled a number *ahem*, a good number, of Ryan's brews, I can tell ya the guy knows his suds. Great idea to promote the craft beer movement in your area. We had dinner at a local brew pub tonight. Had a decent red ale and a good pale ale, (not up to your APA's standards, however). Support your local brewers and micro-breweries!